Vusi, and Others, Share Their Thoughts About
Outreach Opportunities in South Africa — 2010

With a Vision to Incarnate Hope

Since 2003, fourteen South Africans have gone to Northern Ireland to participate in a discipleship training programme with YWAM — Youth With a Mission. During their 12-day stay in Belfast, they learned to serve on a variety of projects, After returning to South Africa, they've shared their stories, led and served a variety of ministries and community uplift programmes, and spent time together developing their faith in God as they prepare for "Incarnate South Africa — 2010."

Consider working to be trained to become a disciple, helping improve lives in South Africa in a variety of long-term, sustainable ways. If you'd like to be trained to be a disciple in South Africa July 2010, following YWAM Ireland's 12-day course directives, contact YWAM's administrative chief

For more detailed information from the YWAM Ireland site, click here to open this PDF information sheet.

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Vusi encourages you to serve in South Africa in July 2010

Vusi and other former YWAM Ireland DTS students from South Africa talk about a planned community mega-outreach mission to Durban, South Africa, in July 2010, organised by YWAM, lead by local community members. All groups, churches, people are welcome!

The South Africa 2010 Incarnate vision