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In 2012, Vusi graduated from Monash University (South Africa) where he majored in criminology and international studies; in 2013, he earned a Masters of Science in victimology and criminal justice at Tilburg University (the Netherlands). Currently, Vusi pursues his Doctorate Degree studies in transitional justice at the University of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa).

Vusi's passionate concerns for his homeland — South Africa — coupled with his current focus of attention — social justice — have inspired him to express his opinions to the world, with the hopes that readers of his op-eds will be prompted to consider, evaluate, and respond to his opinions.

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Vusi has written numerous provocative op-eds to date. Each weighs in on South Africa's current political warfare; look for Vusi's next social justice op-ed coming soon. Feel free to respond to any op-ed, or to the News24 opinion blog using the following links.

Vusi invites you to respond to his opinions. If time allows, he'll reply to you personally.

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