Sitting at his campus desk, Vusi studies well

Preparing to Change the World

Starts with Becoming Educated

by Vusi Kweyama

My passion, "having a heart for the poor and a love for community building," has carried me forward over the past eight years. I realize today that both desires have given me the impetus to begin to take action. I'm now making a difference in the lives of many young and old people in my local community and Durban City's surroundings.

Education is the most powerful force to change the worldIt dawned on me recently that, if I expect to see a significant and meaningful change in society, I must effectively influence those on the policy-making level. But I know that it'll require much more than my passion to influence the political world. Education is the most powerful force to enable anyone to change the world. In addition to knowledge, world changers need to be proficient in an assortment of skills, as well as be competent to perform those skills effectively. It was obvious to me that a university education (shown in the photos below) would be an essential requirement.

I was unable to afford tuition for a university education. But I needed to become educated and acquire requisite skills that would enable me to effectively make positive changes in my community, my country, and my world. Therefore, I trusted God to provide me with such an opportunity. I patiently prayed for the right set of circumstances.

Soon, it was clear from an email I'd received that God answered my prayers. I was flabbergasted after receiving Olivia Brian's post. A volunteer from Oaktree Foundation (which provides educational opportunities for those in need), Olivia emailed to me application forms for Monash University, South Africa. After applying, I soon learnt not only of my acceptance but my receipt of a full scholarship.

From that point on, I knew that future poverty and underdevelopment would be in serious trouble. Why? Because I was about to pursue full-time development, at this acclaimed university, of skills I need to make dynamic changes in this world. Prior to receiving my acceptance letter, I felt that I'd been accepted. Since my first day at university, I've been working hard at Monash South Africa to become a fine and learnt student.

As I study and become more educated, I see my horizons widening every day. I can envision how instrumental I'll be in the radical transformation of my nation as well as others. I see myself asĀ "The Catalyst for Social Transformation."

Such efforts won't be fast or easy to accomplish. I'll need continued support and guidance. If my encouraging ambition sounds enterprising to you, I invite you to partner with me in whatever way you can. Together, we can make positive changes.

If you can help in one way or another, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.

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Vusi's comfortable dormitoryUniversity living can be quite comfortable in a quality dormitory such as Vusi's. Sitting at his desk, Vusi smiles while studyingAlthough smiling here as he sits at his desk, Vusi studies diligently, day in and
day out.
Monash South Africa's campus is stunning!Monash South Africa's campus is truly stunning!
Vusi, Katie, and Krishna sit at the SIFE tableVusi sits at the SIFE table. SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is an international organisation that mobilizes university students around the world to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders ( Joining Vusi, the organisation's project evaluation officer, are Katie (centre) from South Africa and Krishna, from Kenya, president of SIFE for Monash SA. Vusi stands in front of the campus gateway entranceStanding beneath the campus' attractive gateway entrance, Vusi poses between classes. Vusi is braiing meat on the barbecueVusi is happily braiing ("barbecuing," for Americans) some choice meats for
several friends on campus.

Sitting in the university library, Vusi reads the day's newspaperThe day's newspaper is enjoyable reading for new university student Vusi. Students volunteer to clean parts of the campusOne special day at Monash, several students volunteered to clean up the campus by going on
a nature walk and collecting debris.
Student volunteers complete the cleanup and prepare to partyWhen all the debris had been collected and disposed of, the student volunteers were ready
for their own little party.

Vusi and friends listen to the Zimbabwe prime ministerVusi (left), Mpume (centre, a Monash communication tutor and masters student), and
Lennon Mhishi (a sociology graduate who is Vusi's roommate), all eager to delve into
international politics, meet after listening to Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
speak about the state of Zimbabwe at Wits University.
Vusi learns organizational motivation and leadershipSitting in for a management lecture, Vusi learns about about organisational motivation
and leadership.
A tutorial on management (Vusi's minor) has just begunA tutorial on management (Vusi's minor) has just begun. Judging from the smiles,
the tutorial looks enjoyable.
A concern arises for VusiA concern arises for Vusi. Vusi prepares to ask the professor a questionA man with an inquisitive mind prepares to ask the tutor a question. Vusi is plesed with his professor's answerVusi seems pleased with the answer that his tutor gave. Vusi cheers for his favorite footbal teamJoining several Monash students, amid thousands of spectators, Vusi cheers for his favourite team at the Soweto football (soccer) derby. Classmate Jamad cheers with VusiIn the upper deck of Johannesburg Stadium, Jamad Hersi of Somalia, one of Vusi's classmates, joins Vusi in a happy cheer for their Kaizer Chiefs football team. A popular sports announcer and publicist poses with VusiAfter the game, popular sports announcer and publicist, Robert Marawa, welcomes and poses with Vusi. Several classsmates and Vusi cheer for their team's victorySeveral school mates join Vusi in a big cheer.

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Judging from the number of smiles in these photos,
Vusi certainly enjoys becoming educated at Monash University, South Africa.