In Alignment With the Kingdom of God

On a Journey of Discovery

by Vusi Kweyama

You know sometimes the conflict between believing and not believing, non believers and believers is centred on petty arguments that brings to question the concept of love. If you think about it, non-believers believe in the non-belief, which makes them believers of non-believing, and believers believe in the love higher power, the omnipotence, God, which then suggest that they should be more loving and tolerant because they also discovered their faith position not because they are wiser that than others.

The non-believers think believers are stupid to believe in the Creator and believers feel sorry for the lost, the circle of bashing and convincing become a continuous circle that fruitless sometimes. Obviously, the conversion to either of the sides emanates from the place of explanation and understanding the very core things that inspires both believing and non-believing phenomenon, and any conversion that stem from fear or lack of, manipulation into believing or not believing, or attempt to please but with no heart conviction about either of the guiding principles is bounds to result in what is so called "a fall" from a certain position of believing or not believing. It also produces short excitement of winning the other with no long lasting impact. In this situation believing or not believing becomes a fruitless journey that defeats the very point of believing or not believing in the first place, which in my view is loose-loose situation.

For me believing in God, the Creator is a perfect framework that serves me well to make sense of the world, inform my daily existence and love justice with passion. I recently told some of my friends, both believers and non-believer that "If believing in God makes you rise above the very things that are suppose to kill your innate potential, pursue it at all cost. The most important thing in life is to find a guiding framework for your life that informs your daily existence, but make sure that inside of that framework you're free to be your self. No framework of life is supposed to be a maximum prison, but in every framework there are boundaries."

What believers, non-believers, and other faith positions other than yours should understand is that any attempt to bring you on their side of a faith position, generally, stem from love because the advocate has discovered something that makes perfect sense. So any attempt to convert one into a particular faith is mostly inspired by the love of the other or others. This way of thinking creates a situation where religious tolerance prevails, perhaps might convince one that your faith is the best one.

These conflicts of interests do not only exist within believers and non-believers, but also within believers as every doctrinal stance and denomination thinks it ways are the best than others. Thus failing to understand that every doctrinal position particularly among Christian is supposed to represent the different aspects of the uniqueness of God.

So far my conception of the faith and creation philosophy is serving me well, and biblical imperatives make lots of sense even though sometimes I grapple with some scriptures for the purpose of more understanding. These principles of my faith find expression through my daily engagement with life, but this does not in anyway suggest that my everything is the perfect reflection of my God represents. Nevertheless, I've made it my mission to embrace the lived faith above all things, otherwise why should I believe if my belief does not inspire me to live up to the expectations of my faith.