Previous University Studies for Vusi

at Monash University Australia

International Studies

Contemporary World 1

  1. Introduction to Contemporary Worlds
  2. The Post-War World
  3. A list of twelve international studies Vusi takesThe Cold War
  4. Decolonisation and Independence
  5. The Wars in Vietnam
  6. Revolution and Modernisation in China
  7. High-Speed Growth in Japan
  8. The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  9. Iran and the Rise of Political Islam
  10. Oil and the Twentieth Century
  11. The Collapse of Communism and the End of the Cold War
  12. A New Europe


  1. Economic Globalisation
  2. Cultural Globalisation
  3. Political Dimensions
  4. Migration
  5. Terrorism
  6. Gender
  7. China and Globalisation
  8. The Backlash against Globalisation

Literature/Centres and Margins

  1. A collection of literature Vusi reads and studiesMasculinities in Africa
  2. Postcolonial Theories
  3. Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" (1958)
  4. "Tsotsi" (South Africa Movie, 2006)
  5. Caribbean poetry
  6. Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" (1902)
  7. Tsitsi Dangarembga: "Nervous Conditions" (1989)

Criminology and Criminal Justice


  1. Conceptualisation and the scope of Victimology
  2. Understanding the different approaches towards the study field of victimology
  3. Discussing the historical development of victimology
  4. Decolonisation and Independence
  5. Understand the scope of victimology
  6. Outline of different paradigms in defining "victim," "empowerment," and "support

Crime and Punishment (2nd year)

  1. Conceptualisation: Criminal justice in SA; Historical perspective; Crime and crime control in transition
  2. South African policing in the making
  3. Local policing and accountability
  4. Vulnerability, trauma and coping in the line of duty
  5. Private-public partnerships: Private security, crime reduction, and policing in South Africa
  6. The criminal courts: Key role-players and procedural rules
  7. Judicial decisions and sentencing trend: The quest for justice
  8. Inmate categories in prison
  9. Prison overcrowding: Inmate code and total institutionalisation, prison gangs, and prison violence
  10. Contemporary penal systems
  11. Community-based corrections, crime prevention and reduction
  12. Restorative justice

The Future:

Decentralisation of justice?

Judicial pluralism?

Privatisation and the criminal justice system?

Introduction to Management

  1. Organisations and managers
  2. Management theory and practice
  3. The ten facets of management theoryThe external environment
  4. The internal environment
  5. Social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability
  6. Planning
  7. Organising
  8. Leading
  9. Motivating
  10. Controlling


Section 1: Families and Relationships
  1. Love, romance, and dating
  2. Cultural diversity and families
  3. Work and families
  4. Divorce and re-constituted families

Section 2: Sociology of Health and Medicine
  1. What is health and healthcare?
  2. From 'sick role' to 'surveillance medicine'
  3. The illness experience
  4. Challenges in health and medicine

Section 3: Population and Society

Global Population Growth