Young Australians Join a Zulu Choir

With Vusi, Everyone Moves to an African Beat

The Australian hip-hop group, Bliss N Eso, went to South Africa in October 2007 to shoot an MTV advocacy documentary with another group, “Evermore,” aimed at creating awareness about the challenges faced by developing communities in Africa. The two popular groups collaborated with "Zulu Connections Choir," a gospel choir from Vusi's community that went to Australia for three weeks, prior to filming, to perform in different concerts.

Vusi testifies in an advocacy video clipThe film clip (shown below) and 30-minute documentary aired exclusively on MTV and garnered attention and acclaim from the media and the public. Recently, Bliss N Eso was nominated for the "Good Karma Award" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Bliss N Eso released "Bullet and a Target", the first single from their album, "Flying Colours," featuring the Connections Zulu Choir (a 21-piece African choir from South Africa). In addition to making a powerful impression throughout Africa, the album gained major national commercial radio and television airplay. One hundred percent of the profit made on that single track was shared by the Zulu choir and Oaktree Foundation (Australia's only youth-run international aid and development organisation). The single song, "Bullet and a Target," became a number-one song in Australia.

Vusi's Vuk’ Africa Tours organisation coordinated overnight housing and tours for all performers and participants who went to some of the poorest regions in South Africa to complete the track and shoot the video clip for "Bullet and a Target." The MTV camera crew began by filming Vusi Kweyama as he testified on behalf of the developing world. You can see and hear him in the first 15 seconds of the clip. So turn up your volume; click the Start arrow.

Together we can really make a difference! — Vusi Kweyama

(Read the lyrics of "Bullet and a Target as you watch the movie clip and hear the song.)"Bullet And A Target" Mr. Dali Lamas. Another sister's shootin' heroin tomorrow. Amputees in Freetown Sierra Leone's. The church wasn't honest. The state put the youth in a harness. Creatin' hostility among us. Teacher said, "No college." Still the kid's gotta get a cheque with a couple commas. People wanna bomb us. More people gotta scatter and run from us. You can blame it on Zeus and Apollo and Adonis.

But what you've done here, is put yourself between a bullet and a target. And it won't be long before you're pulling yourself away.

I've been knowing her for years. I've been seeing her for years. She got dark, dark wavy hair, with a voice like she just don't care. She got a skirt with a halter top. She's got a dad who never gave a hoot. She drinks a beer with a proper shot. She got knocked up in a pickup truck. But she got engaged when she was nineteen to this dude who was acting insane. Had a .45 that he always cleaned. Said one day one day one too many days. Now she ducked and she ran away, never to be heard from, never to be seen. I cheque the cover of a magazine. I'm just wondering how, just wondering how.

But what you've done here is put yourself between a bullet and a target. And it won't be long before you're pulling yourself away.